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Islamabad is one of the most beautiful city and capital of Pakistan Islamabad is the most well-designed city of Pakistan. The city of Islamabad is located right under the beauty of lush green mountains of Margalla hills Islamabad also contains the most beautiful architecture in Pakistan including the King Faisal Mosque Islamabad is the political hub that’s why it contains the highest levels of political offices as well including the Parliament presidential and Prime Minister's residences and the Supreme Court is in the city as well Besides that it has some of the most amazing tourist spots that worth visiting.King Faisal Mosque Islamabad:Faisal Mosque is the National Mosque of Pakistan and major tourist attractions Faisal Mosque is the Islamic architecture that was commissioned by the late King Faisal-al-Saud of Saudi Arabia Faisal Mosque is the biggest mosque in Pakistan and the fourth largest in the world Its design and scale is something that catches the attention The detail works inside and epic look from outside worth seeing. Shrine of Meher Ali Shah:Islamabad Shrine of Meher Ali Shah is considered as the religious place that attracts visitors from all over Pakistani of Meher Ali shah is located in the village of Golra Sharif within the Islamabad Capital Territoriality. Margalla Hills Islamabad.Margalla hill range is a part of Himalayan foothills High Mountain covered will lush green trees gives the most fabulous view and experience the beautiful Margalla hill can be located from Islamabad city the highest tourist point on the range is Pir Sohawaa rapidly developing tourist spot.Rawal Lake View Point Islamabad:Rawal Lake view point is a wildlife and recreational area at small distance from Murree road Rawal lake view is the major tourist attraction around Islamabad that offers public services like motor sports,ranch boating, area fishing, area riding ,facility and swimming pool in summerMonal Islamabad:Monal is the beautiful tourist spot located on the top of Margalla hills Monal gives the best view of Islamabad city At night the fabulous view full of lights is worth includes restaurants that offers the best and wide variety of food When you visit Islamabad Monal is the best place to visit and relax.Centaurus Islamabad:Centaurus is also considered as the biggest shopping complex in the country Three buildings standing in the skyline of Islamabad contains corporate offices residential apartments and hotels World's famous brands like Nike and Adidas can be found inside Centaurus can offer the most luxury shopping experience in the city.


Peshawar is one of the most significant city of Pakistan with a population of about 2 million. The city is also the capital of KPK province. It's a city which has a deep history that goes back thousands of years. It's also known as the city of Men and Crown jewels. For centuries it has been a center of trade between South Asia and Central Asia Historically. Peshawar had been under the control of many tribes and clans including Gandhara civilizations Durrani tribe. Sikhs and British Empire however now it is the modern city of Pakistan. The city holds many historical sites that are standing up to this day Along with that modern architecture has also taken place. As being one of the major city of Pakistan it attracts people from all over the country Khyber Pass Peshawar Khyber Pass in Peshawar connects (a valley of Peshawar to Landi Kotal near the Afghan Border.Slik Road,Khyber GateThis pass provides integration to the historic Silk Road it holds deep cultural geographical and economic significance for european and Asian trade. Since the beginning it had been a significant trade route between Indian. Subcontinent and central Asia Historic Bab-e-Khyber or Khyber Gate is present at the beginning of Khyber Pass which was constructed back in 1964.Fort Bala Hisar Peshawar Bala Hisar is a fortress in Peshawar that was used as a residential area by Durrani Empire and Sikhs.The Historical fort had been renovated by Sikhs and British this site is also one of the UN's World Heritage sites this had been under control of Pakistani military however the KPK government passed a resolution to open it to the public Since then it became a public attraction in Peshawar.Qissa Khawani Bazaar Peshawar Qissa Khawani Bazar is a marketplace in Peshawar which contains many traditional buildings.This Bazaar holds many outlets that offer many types of products from food to clothing It’s one of the most famous places in Peshawar as far as shopping is considered.Cunningham Clock Tower PeshawarCunningham Clock tower was built in the year 1900 on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria It's also known as,Ghanta Ghar Chowk which is surrounded by the huge market This monument was named after the first British Governor of North West Frontier Province of Pakistan from 1947 to 1948 .This is one of the few historical landmarks in the city of Peshawar.


Faisalabad is the third-most-populous city in Pakistan and the second-largest in the eastern province of Punjab Historically one of the first planned cities within British India it has long since developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis. Area named Lyallpur later became known as Faisalabad is the 3rd most popular city in Pakistan located in central Punjab Faisalabad is famous for textile industries mainly but it also has great historical significance Many historic architectures built by Mughals Sikhs and British are located across the city. As of today modern architecture has also taken place Faisalabad has a modern Airport and Railway networks Faisalabad is also known for University Faisalabad offers the biggest agricultural university in the country.Clock Tower or Ghanta GharFaisalabad Clock Tower or Ghanta Ghar is an historic architectural monument surrounded by combination of bazaars (Markets)where grown and produced goods are sold and bought. Faisalabad clock tower belonged to the period of British Rajoriginally completed in 1905. Lyallpur MuseumLyallpur Museum is named after the original name of faisalabad. Lyallpur Museum has different Galleries that exhibits history of modern ancient civilization and culture of lyallpur or faisalabad It also exhibits the textile industry and shows how did it evolve in faisalabad.Gumti Water FountainFaisalabadGhumti Water Fountain is a historic architecturea place where locals used to conduct their routine meetings This historic site is still preserved.Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan MuseumFaisalabad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Museum is established in the owner of a great singer .The museum represents the life and work of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.


A beautiful city Abbottabad is located about 120 km north of Islamabad which is also known as City of Pines It’s a popular hill station that attracts hundreds of thousands of people from across the country.History Of AbbottabadThis city was founded in the year 1853 by a British army officer Major James Abbott and later on named after him. Since then it had served as the Army Headquarter for Hazara District until mid 19th century.Due to the military presence the area developed really fast. Geographically it’s one of the best places surrounded by Sarban hills that gives a stunning look.As far as the weather is concerned snow falls in winter and summer gives a pleasant feeling as well. Much of Abbottabad economy is based on Tourism because the city is at the centre of most attractive tourist. Spots Shimla Hills ShimlaHills are also known as Shimla PahariIt’s a 10 kilometers drive from Abbottabad city.The Shimla Slopes are encompassed by excellent green timber lands.The climate here is exceptionally charming in the summer in spite of the fact that a bit chilly and cold.This makes it the best spot for climbing mountains.In case you want to spend few days here summer is the finest time to come.In winter the region is colder and there is a more prominent chance of avalanches and street block age Still in case you come to Abbottabad do not miss a trip to the wonderful Shimla Slopes.HarnoiAbbottabad has numerous travelling spots but Harnoi is the most popular and amazing of them all.It is located almost 11 kilometers away from Abbottabad city.This place is located almost between Abbottabad and Nathiagali. Harnoi contains tall green mountains which includes diverse species of trees and herbs.Cold water streams known as Nadi Dhorr is located in the neighborhood which are the fundamental fascination for the visitors.Regardless of any seasona cool breeze flows through the region.There is a lot to see with fields and streams that are surrounded by little mountains on both sides.This slope zone is a great place to travel for a day trip.ThandianiThandiani is located about 31 km in the northeast of Abbottabad DistrictIt lies beautifully in the foothills of Himalayas.The hills of Thandiani are approximately 3 thousand meters above sea level. Thandiani is known for its splendid climate and lush greenery in the summer months,In winter snow covered hills gives a breathtaking look.Many tourists from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and throughout Pakistan visit this place particularly in the summer season.Being at an excessive altitude with attractive surroundings and several trekking trails into the forests it's a very appealing location.The mountains around Thandiani are pretty thickly forested in comparison to most different hill stations within the locality.The local natural world consists wildlife that includes species like leopards monkeys several sorts of pheasants and the increasingly more uncommon flying squirrel and pine martenIlyasi.MosqueIlyasi MosqueMosque Ilyasi. Mosque is the biggest and oldest Mosque in Abbottabad which is located in the town of Nawanshahr.This mosque is built over a stream of water that comes down from the mountain Ilyasi. Mosque is still standing up to this day and amazing water stream flows underneath it.It contains a huge pond like an area that increased its beautyIt also a major tourist spot in Abbottabad.

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