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Bahawalpur is the city of Punjab Pakistan also known as the city of MahalsIt is the twelfth largest city of Pakistan located at the edge of cholistan desert his torically Bahawalpur used to be a princely state from 1670-1955 under the control of Mughals Durrani Empireand British Raj. As of this day the city holds many historical sites including. Noor Palace, Gulzar Palace, Fareed Gate, Derawar Fort and Lal Suhanra. National Park Bahawalpur is at the edge of the vast Cholistan that gives an amazing landscape at night especially when stars are clearly visible.Things to do in Bahawalpur and surrounding Palace.

Noor Mahal

Bahawalpur Noor Mahal was constructed in 1872 based on Italian Style.This historic architectures major tourist spot contains many historical things including the belongings of Nawabs like old furnitures words and different currencies as well.There’s a photo gallery on the wall of the main hall that includes the pictures of nawabs.Palace is reserved in its original shape and worth seeing.

Gulzar Mahal

Gulzar Mahal is one of many palaces in Bahawalpur 34 acres of Palace was commissioned by Nawab Bahawal Khan in 1904.Gulzar palace is well furnished and beautifully designed.It contains the gallery that represents the previous times and ruling elites in the area.

Darbar Mahal Palace

Another Palace built by Abbasi family in early 1900’s for one of the wives of the king.The interior of the palace gives a stunning view that’s worth seeing.Interior also includes 200 years old painting on the wall.More than 70 acres of land around the palace contains beautiful gardens and fountains as well.

Derawar Fort

Derawar Fort is a historical fort built in 9th century AD its located 2 hours drive towards the south from the city of Bahawalpur.This tall and epic structure is visible from tens of miles away.It is one of the major tourist attraction in the area that attracts tourist from all over the world.This is the the history’s miracle standing after 1000 years.Visiting Derawar fort is truly getting bact in time and experience what it was like.Annually jeep racing event is held at cholistan desert near Derawar Fort that attracts large number of people

Lal Suhanra National Park

Lal Suhanra National Park 65,791 hectare of land 25 km northeast of the city of Bahawalpur is known as Lal Suhanra.National Park it was developed in 1972.It's one of the most important tourist attraction in the city of Bahawalpur.The park contains wildlife including Gazzale, Deers ,ducks and many kinds of birds and animals.It also contains lakes and ponds.It's a great picnic spot.It gives you a safari like an experience.This place worth visiting when you visit Bahawalpur or surrounding area.

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