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The name Mangla is derived from the name of a small village that was situated in District Mirpur within the State of Jammu Kashmir. Wide area containing stunning landscapes in the borderline of State of Jammu Kashmir and Punjab is known as Mangla.This area is famously known for second largest water storage unit nationally and 12th largest world wide.

Mangla Dam

Around Mangla Water Reservoir you can find Mangla View Resort (MVR)Mangla Power Houseand Mangla Cantonment.No matter on which side of a water reserve of Mangla Dam you are you will find stunning beauty of earth mixed with limitless water view and lush green mountains.Especially if you are living in inner cities these views can refresh your mind and you will get back with totally new experience. Mangla View Resort is a Military managed tourist point that can be reached in 30 minutes via smooth mountainy drive through Mangla CanttIts one of the well managed tourist spot in mangla cantt. Where you can do fun stuff including jet skiing boating water cycling and many types of water sports MVR Mangla also offers a large plain floating boat that you can use for party wedding and for many other functions.

As far as food is concerned MVR offers Best restaurant in the area.On top of these things you have a stunning view.The beauty and scale of which is unmatched. Ramkot fort can be accessible via 25 minutes boat ride through Mangla Dam reservoir.This historical site was built by Gukkar Clan around 15th to 18th Century AD.This place represents Historical heritage that can catch an interest of any historian or geologist.This place also gives a stunning view of Mangla Lake or Mangla reservoir and it’s a hot picnic spot as well where you can enjoy lunch with your family on a cloudy day Mangla Power House.It is one of the largest power producing unit in the country.If you are curious about electricity production you should give a visit to Mangla Power House.There you can witness how hydroelectric process works Mangla Power House was built with the cooperation of US.

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