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A beautiful mountainous valley in the northeastern area of Gilgit Baltistan is known as Hunza. Its located on the border of Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang region of China.It's known for its snow-capped mountains fertile valleys and large glaciers.This place about 8 thousand feet above sea level is surrounded by mountains some as high as 25 thousand feet.Its highly visited tourist spot in Gilgit Baltistan which attracts people from all over the country. Rakaposhi Mountain HunzaA mountain in the middle of Nagar Valley in northern Pakistan is known as Rakaposhi.


It's the 12th highest peak in Pakistan located 8 miles north of Hunza Nagar river Rakaposhi is also regarded as the “Mother of Clouds”It's a highly visited tourist spot.

Ultar Sar Hunza

Ultar Sar is the major peak of Batura MuztaghIt lies about 11km from Hunza valley.It's also known as one of the famous spots from climbers. Well known climbers from all over the world come here to climb this peak.This peak gives a stunning landscape of surrounding area Hunza River. Cold clean water flows from the glaciers of karakoram pass by Hunza is known as Hunza river. From there it joins the Gilgit river before it flows into Indus.This river contains the most famous bridge named as Danyor bridge that was built under old methods is still standing today.It's a major attraction people stop by to take pictures from this location.

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